INNOVA 2.0 heat pumps

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All functions can be operated either by using the remote control or the touch screen on the unit, including the orientation and direction of the airflow flaps. To avoid improper use, the touch screen can be set to a lock position.

Winter time: No Frost System

The Innova 2.0 operates down to an impressive -10°C with a built-in pan heater to eliminate ice build-up. In heat pump mode only, the drain pan is constantly kept warm to prevent any risk of icing of the condensate drain.

Optimal Performance

The Innova 2.0 is engineered with the innovative brushless DC (BLDC) electric motor inverter control. This technology gives you optimal temperature and humidity control, with less noise and less energy consumption. The BLDC reduces energy consumption, improves airflow and eliminates fan vibrations. No vibrations means less noise. Coupled with the latest in soundproofing technology, the noise level is consistent with the latest conventional split wall units.

Almost Invisible: Indoors and Outdoors

With a depth of just 17cm, the Innova 2.0 is by far the slimmest unit in this category of product. Its thin design integrates beautifully in today’s interior decors.

No External Condenser Required

The Innova 2.0 requires no external condenser, saving you money on installation costs and keeping the aesthetic appearance of your building. Two duct holes of 162mm each are used instead of a bulky external condenser.

Self-Opening Outdoor Grills

The Innova 2.0 uses self-opening vents that fold open when in operation and close when the unit is turned off. The vents prevent dust, noise and insects from getting in. We can even match the outdoor vents to your exterior colour for a more uniform and professional finish.

The “Innova 2.0” air conditioner/heat pump is a unique through the wall, product that functions without the need of an outdoor compressor unit by incorporating state of the art “monobloc” technology.

Optimal indoor comfort today can be achieved all year long with air conditioning. This has usually meant installing unsightly, bulky condensing units on the exterior of buildings. Not anymore.

Easy to Install

The Innova 2.0 can be easily installed low or high on the wall. The air sweep opening can be adjusted thanks to a simple adjustment on the control board. Excluding the drilling machine, the unit comes with a template, supporting brackets, outdoor grills, and insulating wall pipes to facilitate installation.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

For your home, condominium, apartment, hotel/motel, retirement home, offices and more.

Technical Specifications

DC Inverter
12 H.P.
DC Inverter
12 H.P.
Technical features Standard Chauffe +
Maximum cooling capacity (BTU/h) 10 600 10 600
Maximum heating capacity (BTU/h) 10 400 10 400
Power input in cooling (W) 1460 730
Power input in heating (W) 1440 720
Power feed (V-F .Hz) 120/240 (60-1) 240 (60-1)
Heating + / Heating element (W) 240 alone 1000 *
EER (BTU/h/W) 11.0 11.0
COP (BTU/h/W) 11.2 11.2
Fan speeds in/out (Nr.) 3 3
Noise level indoor (dB (A)) 27 27
Noise level outdoor (dB (A)) 41 41
Dimensions (W x H x D) in mm 1000x555x165 1000x555x165
Flux d'air maximum (int. / ext.) 400/480 400/480
Weight (Kg / lbs) 48.5 / 107 48.5 / 107
Refrigerant gas R-410 A R-410 A

* Can be the only heating for residential applications - built-in physical resistance that intervenes automatically when the outdoor temperature becomes low.